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On the road on both sides of Fang Art – Taiwan channel Chinese characters — people.com.cn   I Jichou heart and moon, with the wind until Yelang west…… Through the years, Li Bai’s poems in Guiyang Kong Xuetang echo; 300 years ago, Guiyang Huaxi Zhou Zhongxuan was appointed to the Taiwan county (now the Luo Jia Yi County) county magistrate, still being called. In September 26th to 28 in Guiyang to participate in the festival of artists on both sides on both sides of Chinese characters, these poems in the story, Chinese characters bearing Chinese characters across the Taiwan Strait is the largest, the fate of common patrimony, beauty is the common heritage Chinese characters play. Where is the beauty of Chinese characters on the art festival, the two sides of the artist ‘s greatest consensus is: in the world, only one word can become art, that is, Chinese characters, Chinese calligraphy is a symbolic art. Taiwan calligrapher Du Zhonggao said at the seminar, calligraphy, combine symbolic spirit and the game as a whole, with literature, philosophy and art. There is "Qi" in the touch of the brush paper, and there is "Rhyme" on the paper. This process carries the connotation of Confucianism and Taoism in Chinese traditional philosophy. The endless road, art is endless; know a survival without losing its positive; and according to the art, Chengde, this is the theoretical basis of "benevolence". "Only the physical and mental, tact of Kangji benevolent, can write" Insoo "". Reporters understand that this is probably the word, such as its mystery. Taiwan calligrapher Chen Kun said, Chinese characters writing both practical and artistic, practical when replaced by photocopying, computer, printing technology, visual art is sound and light shock, even writing calligraphy seems useless. It is useless to use, the children can cultivate healthy personality of adults can moral heart. Artists distinctive personality, there are differences in consensus. Cross strait scholars Chinese characters art one of the differences or the old topic: simplified beauty. Researcher Tian Qing China art academy chart, now, the use of simplified characters, beginning in pre Qin Dynasty, 49 words in 62 words, in the Qin and Han Dynasties of Sui and Tang Dynasty, the Yuan Dynasty in 31 words 72 words…… Only 1 words after 1949. He believes that the Chinese characters have been simplified in practical use, for example in Dunhuang he saw two scrolls, the total stack in Caozi head together, I do not know what the word, just understand, this is the copy will replace the "Buddha" two words. Tian Qing thinks the two sides two homologous, character is not dialogue, knowledge is frequently used, Jane Jane books can be complicated, "don’t you love can not write." Taiwan is now blowing "to China" wind, "Chinese characters have become the foreign word, scholars use simplified cross-strait disputes, to share the glory (Chinese characters), shared (Chinese characters) it." What confused when calligraphy experimental and avant-garde art concepts into calligraphy, calligraphy from writing to content and material are changed, this is innovation or new? Is the expansion of the modern art of calligraphy or the art of calligraphy? The collision between the two sides in the art festival. Taiwan calligrapher Huang Zhiyang do Taiwan experimental calligraphy theme report will be pushed to the climax of the collision. Huang Zhiyang shows the experimental works of calligraphy, there are popular or even dialects, there are traditional Chinese painting as a background, the newspaper sticky相关的主题文章:

Farmers in Xinjiang Bohu County fight flag welcome National Day (Figure) – Beijing hyuna

Farmers in Xinjiang Bohu County fight flag welcome National Day (Figure) – Beijing in Xinjiang Bohu County Township, just the hole drying on just the hole Noel village, farmers and herdsmen with harvest pepper, corn crops into a different magnificent five-star red flag, to celebrate the 67 anniversary of the motherland, to express their love to our motherland in the autumn sun the way. Nian Lei taken in just the hole Xinjiang Bohu Nur Township Village Noel drying on just the hole, the masses of farmers and herdsmen with harvest pepper, corn crops into a different magnificent five-star red flag, to celebrate the 67 anniversary of the motherland, to express their love to our motherland to the autumn sun. Photo by Nian Lei pepper 84 thousand and 100 acres planted in 2016 in Bohu County, a year-on-year increase of 15 thousand and 400 acres, an increase of $22%, per mu yield is estimated at 450 kg (dry pepper), is expected to 4410 yuan per mu output value, the output value of 3.7 million yuan. Nian Lei photo Beijing, Urumqi, September 29, (Nian Lei Fan Mengling) in September 29th, Xinjiang Bohu County Township, just the hole drying on just the hole Noel village, from the village of Han, Mongolian, Uygur, Hui and other farmers and herdsmen together with pepper and corn harvest makes up a different kind of banker magnificent five-star the red flag, to celebrate the 67 anniversary of the motherland, to express their love to our motherland to the autumn sun. Bohu county is located in the Tianshan Mountains, the downstream Southeast Yanqi basin on the west side of Kaidu River, Bosten Lake, with natural light and heat resources and water resources to climate, richly endowed by nature, the sunshine time is long, especially suitable for fruit and vegetable growth. Locally grown tomato industry is not only a high yield, and lycopene content is the highest in the world of lycopene content, 10% to 15% higher than in other regions of the tomato. Driven by market demand, the local government has begun to vigorously promote the "red industry" to develop large-scale, modern direction, red industry has become the economic development, promote the local characteristics to accelerate the pillar industry to increase the income of farmers. It is reported that 84 thousand and 100 acres of pepper planted in 2016 Bohu County, a year-on-year increase of 15 thousand and 400 acres, an increase of $22%, per mu yield is estimated at 450 kg (dry pepper), is expected to 4410 yuan per mu output value, the output value of 3.7 million yuan. At present, the county has the chili has entered the production stage, is expected to the end of September. (end)相关的主题文章:

Mosul decisive battle to stay in Iraq, the Army decided to stay in Iraq (Figure) – Sohu Military Cha sexinse

Mosul decisive battle to stay in Iraq, the Army decided to stay in Iraq (Figure) – Sohu military channel data figure: October 4th, Gayara smoke billowing. The Iraqi government forces recaptured the qayyarah, Islamic state armed local well lit. Xinhua news agency, Baghdad, October (13): Mosul decisive battle will soon be difficult to settle the dispute in Iraq, Iraq, the battle to regain the city of Mosul is about to start, Iraq and neighboring Turkey dispute. Turkish President Erdogan tough position, will continue to retain the military force and participated in the battle of Mosul in Iraq, but the Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi accused the Turkish army violated the sovereignty of iraq. At present, entrenched in the extremist organization of Mosul Islamic country retreat, the city is expected to soon be liberated, Iraqi forces even begin to consider how to fill the power vacuum there. Analysts believe that if the launch of a new round of political and military struggle around Mosul, this poses a threat to Iraq’s security and stability, will also give terrorist forces continue to provide the survival of the soil, and even lead to the escalation of the conflict, exacerbated the turmoil in the middle east. Iraq and Iraq to upgrade the Iraqi government has long been stationed in the territory of the Turkey army has long complained. The prime minister Abadi September 19th held a press conference in Baghdad said, stationed in Mosul near the city of Turkey army has a hindrance to the fight against Islamic state of military action. "If Turkey is determined to crack down on the Islamic state, it should withdraw its troops from iraq. But it is not willing to do so, this has violated the territorial sovereignty of Iraq, "he said. Turkey’s parliament voted on before, decided to extend the Turkey army in Iraq and Syria in the fight against the terrorist organization time a year. At the same time, El also suggested that soil president Erdogan, hope the military involved in the battle to liberate Mosul soil. The resolution of the Turkey Parliament and the president’s proposal immediately led to protests by the Iraqi government. Iraq’s foreign ministry and parliament have issued a statement urging Turkey to immediately withdraw its troops in Iraq more than 2000 soldiers and tanks and other heavy equipment, military participation in the liberation of Mosul soil to military action, "said the earthwork proposal is interfering in the internal affairs of iraq". The two sides not only on the matter are summoned each other envoys, Abadi even warned: "Turkey" may evolve into a regional war." El’s 11 strong statement said, not Abadi as his "dialogue", "Turkey without any approval by hand, and don’t consider doing so", "the earth to go your own way", the Turkey army will take the necessary action in Mosul. Iraqi Prime Minister’s office issued a statement saying: El should not be an irresponsible statement…… We expressed regret over his remarks." Kurdish problem is the focus of analysts believe that the focus of the conflict between the two countries is not how to combat the Islamic state, while on the Kurdish issue. The Middle East has a population of about 30 million, mainly in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. Since the end of World War II, the Kurds have been fighting for the establishment of the country, but many times.相关的主题文章:

Exposure of a public officer abuse 4 and a half years old son of the parties due to family conflicts cad2012序列号和密钥

A public officer abuse exposure 4 and a half years old son Party: because of family conflicts – Beijing Beijing News (reporter Lu Tong) recently, the network reported, Hunan city of Loudi province Xinhua County Audit Bureau of civil servants are drugged, beaten and Chen behavior. Yesterday afternoon, the local county propaganda department and Chen I respond to Beijing News reporters, the parties Chen Department of audit bureau subordinate institution staff, by the police to detect drug abuse, but child behavior does exist, resulting in the Department of family conflicts. Net posts: civil servants taking Magu beating his son in the local release of this net net forum, the time for the November 20th 22 pm. The network said, Hunan Loudi Xiemou said her husband Chen Xinhua County Audit Bureau of civil servants, long-term smoking Magu (a methamphetamine drug), has been reported two times, caught the police station, and no serious treatment. The net posts that Chen long term alcohol abuse, drug abuse, but also Xiemou himself and 4 year old son beaten. According to the net posts accompanying picture shows, what appears to be a four or five year old boy, bruises on both sides of the face, ears have different degree. The boy left ear and facial bruising is most serious, the other boys in the area near the ears have larger bruises. Official: the drug behavior yesterday afternoon, Xinhua County Propaganda Department reply Beijing News reporter, Chen Xinhua county audit bureau subordinate staff of two institutions, units called the office of economic responsibility audit. Chen I non civil service, which belongs to the institution staff, the administrative level for the class. For drug problems, Xinhua Mei court police station on November 14th, 21, Chen conducted a drug test, the results of the two tests were negative, you can judge Chen’s history of drug abuse. According to the Xinhua county Party Committee Propaganda Department provided a test report photocopy, 10:50 on November 21, 2016, detection results of Xinhua County Public Security Bureau police station Chen Mei Yuan, is "two diamorphine (heroin), methamphetamine (ice), negative". The net posts reflected in "children", Xinhua County Propaganda Department responded that the net posts reflect the children play the plot, picture is not fiction. Why children are not clear. The parties: playing the child because of family conflicts yesterday evening, Xie told the Beijing News reporter, he and Chen in 2011 to get married, married a child, 4 and a half years. After the divorce in 2013, the child returned to chen. After 2015, the problem has been in the presence of two children visit the contradiction. Xie said that in November 14, 2016, after her visit to the child and Chen in the phone outbreak of conflict, Chen said he hit the child, and threatened her not to visit again. Thanks a subsequent alarm processing. According to the net posts in the "civil servants" "drug" plot, Xiemou said, I only know the work in the county audit bureau, the judge "should be civil servants, but it as any position, which is responsible for the work is not clear. Xiemou said he found Chen repeatedly after the divorce, she took the red pill into powder, she had to ask what is smoked.相关的主题文章:

Remember Mr. stick to their dreams they can’t blame you ca1290

Remember: keep your dreams they are not qualified to accuse you of LPL interpretation LMS audience remember being cynical, because actually remember to leave the LMS LPL to the larger stage, they think that the recall is in over his conscience to make money. He admits that he is remembered in the mainland a lot of pressure, sometimes will collapse to want to cry, and the LMS division of the old audience… For some people to leave the hometown… Dream of the hearts of the most beautiful dream and strive for the goal, they have to leave their homeland, bid farewell to the family, alone in struggle, wake up every day in the rental housing on the bed. These people can be found everywhere, such as Mr. LPL. He is the student finance department at National Taiwan University, he was the first to explain the LMS division, but life is a dream to work in all the process is rough, the price is often unable to imagine. Leave, only to greater stage when the 2016 world finals last places C9 team released, fans all over the world are on the strength of the team and the group of death in the heat, but in the Taiwan forum has a waves rise. A photo from the LMS division of the commentary published in LMS and host Tommy regional qualifiers after the end, he bowed to the empty hall after the game. Tommy is currently the most popular LMS division that many Hong Kong and Macao who thought he would like the game player hair, remember to leave LMS, have spoken. After all, in many of the original GPL League staff rushed to the big stage, LMS is a division. Of course, there are also some fans want Tommy to pursue their own dreams, a better future prospects is also a good thing. But there are also some of the audience that Tommy and hair, remember to higher income from Taiwan, then verbally ridiculed. Finally Tommy under pressure, in the live and even tears, said he would not leave the LMS division. He admitted that he was considering leaving LMS this season because of too much pressure and some setbacks. Instead of paying attention to the value, E-sports is his dream, he hopes to work with their own people, and remember that he is a person of worship. So some emotional radical Internet users will spearhead the division this year at LPL fornarrating before LMS Division said this explanation remember, remember to give up LMS for LPL’s approach is to cover their conscience to make money. Public opinion pressure makes people doubt about the recall, perhaps before this year many viewers do not understand, to remember a few years ago and has long hair is very famous heroes union match commentary and Hongkong Macao comments, especially remember to articulate and amazing speed is known, he is able to accurately analysis teamfight details and insight into the game trend. Is the best explanation in the eyes of many game player. In this year, remember to leave Taiwan to Shanghai, from the original LCS and LCK slowly into the LPL League League live commentary commentary, which is to pay a lot of effort, after all, Taiwan and the clothes in skills, the name of great hero. But also through their outstanding performance to win the recognition of most of the LPL audience, the ability to control the field and language organizations can be相关的主题文章: